I have recently been accepted to be an Amazon Associate. Purchases made through Amazon affiliate links on this site yield a small referral fee. This applies to all purchases made on Amazon within 24 hours after clicking on the affiliate link (unless another Associate's affiliate link is clicked within that time frame) regardless of whether the product the consumer purchases was mentioned by me or not. All consumers' purchases are confidential; I do not know who has purchased items using the Amazon Associate links I have posted.

That all being said, my goal with this blog is not to make a profit, and I have no intention of recommending or linking to things for the sole purpose of earning that referral fee.  This blog is about me organizing my own thoughts and opinions, and if others get something from it, that is a bonus.  I will only explicitly recommend things I genuinely like or have found useful to our family, and if I link to something that I have stated I do not like (or given no real opinion), it is for the ease of the reader, in not having to do a search for the item to get more details.  Many of the links on this blog are to sites other than Amazon, and at this time, Amazon is the only company I have affiliated with for the purposes of compensation. 
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