"What 2 Read Wednesday" Link-Up

I have decided that in order to facilitate both my own reading and doing book reviews on the blog, I would create a monthly (at least for now) book review post called "What 2 Read Wednesday."  I would love for any bloggers who want to get on board to add their links to the bottom of each post.

"What 2 Read Wednesday" will be posted on the fourth Wednesday each month, and links will be accepted for two weeks after that.

Rules for "What 2 Read Wednesday" link-up are as follows:

(1)  You must have already read the book and include a personal review.  It does not have to be long, but give a general idea of the plot, as well as what you liked (and anything you did not).  Please do not just copy summaries from websites like amazon.com or School Library Journal, nor from any other blog site.  For a sample, see my first W2RW post here.

(2)  Please give a general age recommendation if the book is for children or young adults.  That being said, don't limit yourself to just books for children or young adults, but feel free to include books you would recommend to other adults.

(3)  Since at the moment this link-up is only going to be once a month, please only review books that you WOULD recommend.  This gives everyone the chance to read a few stinkers and still have something positive to blog about and recommend to others.

(4)  Please grab the "What 2 Read Wednesday" button and display it both on your W2RW post, as well as a sidebar on your blog, to attract others to this link-up.  The more bloggers who link-up, the more great books we will hear about.

Small W2RW button:

Large W2RW button:

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