Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: "Keep your eyes on the stars ..."

"Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. 
Keep your eyes on the stars, 
but remember to keep your feet on the ground." 
Theodore Roosevelt
Speech at Prize Day Exercises at Groton School, 1904

This week I want to focus on ten museums/exhibits I hope to take SC to this year.  I am very excited we were able to budget in a membership to our local science and history museum, but it also includes reciprocal memberships to over 200 other museums around the country.  This opens up an allowance for quite a bit of exciting experiences as we are able to travel along with AC on his business trips, plus any family trips we may be able to fit in.

1.  Fort Worth Museum of Science and History:  This is the museum that is closest to us, and the one with which we have a membership.  They have a fabulous on-site children's museum, plus a great planetarium, which will fit in well with our study of astronomy this year.

2. Witte Museum/Mummies of the World:  I am very excited we will be able to tag along with AC after our Seattle trip to San Antonio, Texas and see this museum exhibit.  SC and I have just started with ancient history, and though we will not be to mummies and Egypt by the time we go, we have already talked about real mummies thanks to a McDonald's toy advertising for the movie Hotel Transylvania.  We looked at the pictures of the exhibit online and are both ready to get to see it in person.

3. Perot Museum:  This is a new museum that opens up in December and has been rumored to be awesome.  It is also a science museum and has a big astronomy exhibit, along with ten others, and an on-site children's museum.

4. Houston Zoo:  Last year SC and I got to tag along on a trip with AC to Houston, and it also happened to be on SC's fourth birthday.  While AC worked, SC and I went to the Houston Zoo, and I was blown away.  The Fort Worth Zoo near our home is always mentioned as one of the top five zoos in the country, but I actually preferred the layout and accessibility of the animals at the Houston Zoo.  I hope we get a chance to head down South again this year, and maybe take AC along with us this time.

5. Children's Museum of Houston: This is supposed to be one of the best children's museums in the US (according to the internet), and from the look of the website, it has tons of hands-on things for kids to do.  It would be a fun thing to add into a trip to Houston if we get the chance to make one.

6. Exploratorium: According to their own website, this is a museum of science, art and human perceptions.  They have a planetarium, various exhibits about living things, the body, and the world.  However, the most cool thing is the tactile dome, a maze in complete darkness that you have to get through solely by touch.

7. Lawrence Hall of Science:  It is too bad we won't make it back to San Francisco before the end of 2012, because this museum has an awesome-looking "Math Midway" that ends January 6.  Of course, they have a planetarium, plus a bunch of hands-on activities for kids.

8. Natural History Museum at LA County/Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits:  This is a museum I distinctly remember going to when I was SC's age, and it was such a neat experience.  Though we have travelled to Southern California many times, we have yet to make it to a museum, and this would be a great one to finally get to.

9. Children's Museum of Tacoma:  Since we will be heading to the Seattle/Tacoma/Portland area, we thought it might be fun to visit a kid-friendly museum while we were there.  This one is unique in that it has very specific playscapes to focus kids in one way or another.  For example, one playscape is dedicated to all things water, and kids are provided with aprons to keep them dry.  Another playscape is dedicated to messy projects, and still another to individual creations.  Sounds like it will be right up SC's alley.

10. Dublin Writer's Museum: Yeah, this one is all for me!

What museums would you recommend around the US?  Leave a comment, then see other top ten lists here:

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