Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 FOR 10: Trip #8
Southern California

"My dearest friend, if you don't mind
I'd like to sit by your side
Where we can gaze into the stars
And sit together, now and forever
For it is plain as anyone can see
We're simply meant to be"
-"Finale," The Nightmare Before Christmas

Trip number eight on the 10 FOR 10 was an unexpected tag-along trip to southern California that happened to coincide with our actual tenth anniversary.  AC had some work to do in the Newport Beach area, and then took a few days off for the rest of the week to go to Disneyland, visit family, and play on the beach.  SC and I spent the days while AC was working relaxing on the beach, walking the shops, and having leisurely meals.  We also got to spend a good amount of time with my family who lives in the area, which was great.  It is hard living so far away from them and only getting to see them once or so times each year.

We spent the day of our tenth anniversary at Disneyland, and wore these awesome shirts I had done custom with our anniversary date on the back from Otherworld Crafts on Etsy.  I could not recommend this shop more, as the shirts were done beautifully and faster than I could have expected.  We all had a great time, and we love being big kids while we are at Disney.

We also spent an evening at the Hollywood Bowl, listening to the LA Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, which was beautiful and gorgeous.  They played Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, complete with fireworks.  Unfortunately, SC fell asleep just before fireworks started, but she had a good time up to that point.  We had seats high up, which was an interesting hike up the mountain, but the view was gorgeous.

We finished up the trip with a visit to the Discovery Cube in Orange County the morning before our flight back home.  It was a neat space, and I wish we had more time there.  We will definitely have to spend another day there next time we visit.

All in all, we had a fantastic, fun and relaxing time, and it was a great way to celebrate the day/week of our anniversary.

In case you missed the first post ...

In July 2015, AC and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, and previously had been discussing what sort of big trip to take.  However, it occurred to me that we typically take some pretty big trips every year, sometimes as a tag-along when AC works, and sometimes just using all the points and miles he has amassed from his work travels.  I couldn't help but wonder if another trip would really be that special and different.  So, I came up with the idea that instead of just one more trip, we should take ten trips to celebrate our years together.  I told AC, and told him that it didn't have to be just him and me (because SC is also part of our lives, obviously), but that I wanted to take ten purposeful trips, that are focused on celebrating us (and our family) as much as we can.  I told him that they didn't all have to be long or complicated trips, though we had already talked about a few places that will be, and we can start in our tenth year (July 2014) and run through the end of 2015 so that we don't take too much time away from work.  Hopefully these ten trips make this a celebratory year, one that stands out for us as we look back (in another ten years).

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